Monday, May 20, 2013

The Story of Fluffkins

This is the pretty little kitty cat Chris found IN the ceiling at John Deere.  Yes, he heard pitter patters above his head, and when the guard came to tackle the "bat", this is what he found!  After debating what to do with her, Chris decided that he would just bring her home until either someone would take her or he had time to take her to the human society. 

The children were thrilled when I introduced them to her and they named her Fluffkins.  After they came in for awhile John asked if he could go back out and play with Fluffkins.  I allowed him to do so without thinking about the fact that...well, DUH, he's a BOY!!! 

I went to check on John and Fluffkins about ten minutes later, and THIS is what I found!

Does this surprise you?  It doesn't surprise me!

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