Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Johnny's Favorite Part of the Day?

You got it!  The moped!


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Libby's Favorite Part of the Day?

Yes, Libby had a blast while she was at Purdue, but she also learned a few things while she was there.  She learned that she likes the itty bitty animals NOT the big animals.  She LOVED looking after these baby chicks.  She had up to three or four on her body at a time.  I had to DRAG her out of there at closing time!!!


And, I am fairly sure that none of my children would be opposed to bringing home this pet rat.  They all three just adored her!

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Meet Buttercup...

...the fistulated cow!

Yes, this is a live cow!  They have a hole cut into her stomach so that you can feel the contents of her tummy.  Libby wasn't so sure of this and actually kind of groaned because the first time I took the picture someone walked right in front of me...so she had to do it a second time.  I am laughing just thinking about it. 
I had to kind of chuckle.  They give Buttercup breaks every so often, so there is a sign on the door of the room that says, "Taking a break...I am UDDERLY worn out!"

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My Three Surgeons

I was SUPER impressed with how well this entire day was put together.  Originally, we weren't going to take either of the littles with us.  I am SO glad Janet decided that they might as well bring them to check it out for "a bit".  They stayed almost the entire time and EVEN sat through a LIVE spay!!!  (John fell asleep during it.) 

In this room they got the chance to do their own live spay.  They had to scrub up first.  Don't they all three look so intent on their purpose in this picture?


Then, they had to suit up.  We can't risk bacteria infections in our animals!!!

Now, it is time for surgery!  They had all of the tools necessary to get the job done.  Libby was quite adept at getting those smarties out of the poor puppy dog!
Grace had to work for a bit longer to get her candy out...

...but, eventually, she got her fair share too!  That being said, I don't know how well the doggy fared.  ;)


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Brains, Guts, and Blood...Oh My!

While at Purdue, we also got the chance to visit a room that had to do with humans rather than animals.  Libby had the chance to touch a brain, lungs, kidneys, and a liver.  It was an awesome experience and she had the opportunity to blow their minds since we have been studying anatomy and physiology this year.



Kidney and Liver

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Polly Want A Cracker?

This photo (and the posts following) are late, late, LATE...but, better late than never.  Right?

Johnny thought he was something else with this birdie perched on his shoulder at the Purdue Vet School Winter Spring Fling!  He was so cute with it.  When they showed him where the bird's ears were (yep, they have ears!), he asked, "Do they have a brain in there?"

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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Story of Fluffkins

This is the pretty little kitty cat Chris found IN the ceiling at John Deere.  Yes, he heard pitter patters above his head, and when the guard came to tackle the "bat", this is what he found!  After debating what to do with her, Chris decided that he would just bring her home until either someone would take her or he had time to take her to the human society. 

The children were thrilled when I introduced them to her and they named her Fluffkins.  After they came in for awhile John asked if he could go back out and play with Fluffkins.  I allowed him to do so without thinking about the fact that...well, DUH, he's a BOY!!! 

I went to check on John and Fluffkins about ten minutes later, and THIS is what I found!

Does this surprise you?  It doesn't surprise me!

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Messin' with Mark at the Museum!

Chris and I talked it over and decided that a year-long pass to our local museum would probably worth having.  So far we have been to the museum four times (the membership paid for itself before two visits were up) and have enjoyed different things each time.  The first visit the blowfish was the favorite attraction, the second trip the W. M. Black (which is a boat), the third time the kids area, and this last time...Mark Twain was the hit of the day! 

Here are some (and I do mean SOME) of the pictures we took.  The kids had a blast and are still asking when the next trip will be.  :)


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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Early Birthday Gift!

You think he enjoys his new tracks?  Maybe we should make another train track this week!  :)  Mommy will miss grandpa's expertise on putting it together though!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Libby was very worried about today.  She had $6 that she wanted to spend on me (bless her little heart!!!) and daddy didn't have time to take her to town.  She was so distraught yesterday about this dire emergency.  I told her that I loved her dearly, and that I loved just the thought of her WANTING to do something!  Then I told her that if she wanted to do something she could look up "Mother's Day Crafts" on google and do something right here at home.  So she did, and this is what she came up with.  She took charge of the whole situation and made sure to help her brother and sister.  I am so proud of her!  I love all three of my Mother's Day gifts, too! 


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