Thursday, November 16, 2006


I had the chance to meet my sister in Indiana last weekend. Chris is SUCH a wonderful husband! He gave me the opportunity to go alone and be away from Libby for my sanity's sake. Half way there I got rear ended. OUCH! I wasn't hurt, but I did spend about an hour in the rain. Chris wanted to come make sure that the car was ok. So, I had to wait for him at a truck stop. I had entertainment though...there were about 50 middle school kids there. Wow! I am so glad I'm not in middle school anymore. Anyway, it turned a 6 hour trip into a 10 hour trip. I'm just glad that it wasn't MY fault. Chris and Libby spent the night in Indiana and then headed home. Libby was a trooper! Steph and I did have a relaxing weekend. I thank God for blessing me with my family...ALL of them!

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