Thursday, January 18, 2007


I am amazed at how God works! He cares about little, old me. Amazing! Last Friday I emailed the pastor at the church we were considering going to. I let him know our desires and basically asked if they were the church for us. That Sunday...the pastor's message basically answered all of the questions I had asked in an affirmative manner. Amazing! It had to be God because it was part 2 of a 4 part's not like he preached it just to answer my email. Obviously, we decided to stick with that church. I was glad because I had been talking to God about an accountability partner and/or a mentor. He had laid a lady on my heart that attended that church. I was really nervous about asking her to be my mentor, but after Sunday I decided to do just that. So, I emailed her. Today, at MOPS she told me she had read the email and wanted to talk to me before I left. She said that just last week she had been talking to another lady that has a mentor/accountability group of a few girls and she was saying that she didn't do any of that, but wanted to do something of the sort. Then...came my email asking her to do just that! Wow! Isn't God good?! I was so nervous about being a bother or sounding stupid. I almost didn't do it I was so nervous about asking that one question. I am SOOO glad that I obeyed God and did what I was uncomfortable with. I am so glad my God works in his mysterious ways. It makes me all the more certain, that yes, we do belong out here. Some things are starting to fall in place...and those things are the things that need to fall in place first...the God things!

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