Monday, August 17, 2009

7 Months

Well, we've made it another month. Still healthy and nothing to complain about. I can tell that I am getting a little bigger. John is wiggling around and making himself known, especially at bed time. Two more months to go and he can wiggle around in my arms finally.

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Two Bath Day

The other day we had one of those "two bath" days. In the morning the girls ate waffles for breakfast. They had syrup everywhere...not in a bad way, but in a good way. :) so, I herded them off to the bathroom and bathed them and we went about out day. Later, that evening, Chris was out working on our sidewalk. Libby went out the door to go play in the front yard and Grace knew she had been left behind. She was NOT happy! So, I decided that we should all go out and play. And play the girls did. They had a blast. By the time they were finished I knew we were headed back to bath tub before we went to bed. It's a good thing my girls enjoy their baths. What a fun day we had together!

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Time for Work

Can you hear the work bell ringing? I sure can. Look at these two precious girls ready to hit the workload with their glasses on.

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She Melts My Heart

I love this little girl! She lights up my life. A few posts back I was talking about her and her head phones, well, here she is. Doesn't she just look so grown up? I remember that when I was a kid I used to pretend I was SOOOO cool and that I had all kinds of friends because I was listening to my walkman and nobody could resist how cool THAT was. Yeah, I was alone at my grandma's house, but I thought I was ALL that and a little bit more. Now, my baby is the "cool" one. My, how time flies!

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Pig Tails

My poor little Grace NEEDS to grow hair. She is my girly the hilt. She loves shoes and that is her favorite word right now. She likes to wear hats and headbands and to just plain look cute. The other think she loves to wear are these little clips in her hair. She brings one to you and then just points to her head. She has just enough long wisps of hair that I can gather them all together and get the crazy little clips to stay. They dangle precariously and fall out soon after I have put them in, but Grace is happy. She just brings them back for me to put back in again. :) I love my little princess!

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I am NOT tired!

At least that's what she said five minutes before this photo was shot.

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I Love these Girls!

This morning has been...interesting. Grace woke up at 6:30, wide eyed and rearin' to go. So, out of bed I rolled, like it or not. She was in a good mood at least. That made it bearable. Then Libby was up by 7:45. She looked pretty tired still, but wasn't going back to bed. Anyway, Libby sat down on the floor while I was cleaning up the kitchen and when I peeked over this is what I found. It was so sweet. Libby usually freaks out when Grace tries to sit on her because she "doesn't have time for this right now". Today she evidently did. I love my little girls.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rock It!

I have to admit that although this is an adoable picture, it SHOULD be her sister. Libby absolutely LOVES this toy because it has a microphone that changes your voice to a "computer" voice. It drives daddy batty! So, the other night she came upstairs from the basement with the radio in hand and with earphones plugged in to the exact right spot and had a blast playing with it by herself. I was amazed because we have not used headphones in front of Libby before. She just figured it out on her own. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it. So, here is her stand in, who likes to copy cat her a lot.

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

For the Grandmas

I know, you are both waiting patiently (or not so much?) to see your grandchildren as it is, but I thought I'd make you want time to move more quickly anyway. Last night when Libby was asked what she was thankful for she said she was thankful for grandma. Iasked her which one and she said, "Both of them."

Another Libby Funny

"Mommy, why do eat more when John already is too big and hurts your tummy?"

This was yesterday at breakfast. I had to explain to her that eventhough John is getting big enough to hurt my tummy, he still needs to at least double in size before he can come home with us.

Every Daughter...

loves to wrestle with their daddy. I know that wrestling with my dad is one of my favorite childhood memories. It is good to see my girls getting to enjoy the same tradition with their daddy. I think daddy is glad that he didn't wait much longer to have children or he might be too decrepit to do this with them. Ha ha ha!

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

After the Park

The girls and I went to the park with a friend on Monday after swim lessons. By the time we got home, this is what Grace looked like. She walked through the door, found Pinky and Kitty and came and asked for her crib! Unfortunately, it was lunch time, so I made her wait until after lunch.

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I'm Trying to Sleep Here!

Little Miss usually sleeps in her underwear, on top of her covers...period! Lately, though, she's been sleeping in her yellow "Belle" dress. Then, the other day, this is how I found her. Yes, she is actually in there...somewhere!

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Momma's Happy Girl


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Libby Lines

"Why did he call it sleep corn? I'm awake and I'm eating it." (sleep=sweet)

"I'm being a herbivore tonight."
~What do herbivores eat?
"Plants." gets credit for that one, not me.

"Why is it ok for me to go on the porch with just my underwear, but you can't? Is it because you're...fat?"

Those are just a few. I am having a brain block and can't remember the rest.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wrap Around Towel

Libby is very excited to be a big girl and wrap her towel around herself like mom and dad do. Unfortunately for mom and dad, we can't use a HAND TOWEL like Libby does. :)

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Mommy's Professors

Mr. Potato Head can't find his glasses. My girls stole them and won't take them back. This has been a bath time favorite for a few nights now. The girls have fought over these glasses and Grace won't take them off once she gets them on. Not even after bath. Crazy kids!

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