Thursday, July 22, 2010


This little girl has always had an obsession with feet. I didn't take the time to look up the pictures, but I have a picture of her drinking her bottle with her feet and another of her eating cheerios with her feet. I have a picture still on the camera (from this last week) with her putting her feet in some tupperware (because it looked comfortable?) so she can wear them as shoes...didn't work very well. She puts her feet on the table (and gets in trouble), she puts her feet on dishes, she was trying to put her feet in the cookie dough when she was making cookies with Grandma Tucker. But here she is using her foot as a bag holder. She sat there for like 5 minutes just holding it...then I got the camera and she wanted it off. She is so crazy! I think her job someday will involve feet. :)

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