Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just Too Cute

This is by far my favorite picture of my adorable little boy! I just love how cute he is here. This crazy little boy has perfected the art of crawling and now gets whatever catches his fancy. He holds his own bottle now. He is eating all kinds of yummy food, although he is still not too certain about anything that is actually solid. He has his two bottom teeth and has a habit of biting his fingers when he puts them in his mouth. His little face just gets this awful look every time he does it. He still always has his smile on his face and is the most contented baby I have ever met. He just amazes me! I am so glad God blessed us with this precious little fella!!!

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Carin said...

Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh this is just to adorable. If your having a bad day just look at this pic it will bring a smile to your face. It should be on a Hallmark card. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!