Friday, April 29, 2011

31-Day Homemaker's Challenge

I have been frustrated the past few weeks. I feel like I am doing fine, if not well, with the homeshooling, I am even doing decently with meal planning and following through on getting good food on the table, my Bible study time is fairly well in tact, I'm spending time with the kids...but one area is falling behind. It is an area that I have always struggled with, and when I look at my current tends to dominate my thoughts because I feel like I'm FAILING with a big, fat, red F in this area...HOUSE WORK!!! I, sometimes, have to step back and assess my whole life because I assign that failure to the entirety of who I am instead of putting it in as a PIECE of the whole picture. None the less, I want to improve in this area so that I'll at least have a C in the area, if not higher...I like A's. :)

A few weeks ago I visited Pumpkin Seed Press (Shelley Noonan's website all about mentoring your daughters~highly recommended). While I was there she had a *NEW* e-book being advertised called "31 Days to Clean". It was only $4.99 so I went ahead and bought it. Like I said, I was already struggling there, so I might as well. A few weeks later, I ran across a blog that was using it as a group project for this next month. Score! Now I can do it with friends (as long as I get the activity du jour done I can check out a couple of other women who are having the same issues in life...because I'm not alone in my frustrations, am I? Anyone?) I'm going to be gone a few days, but I'm going to join anyway. I could use the accountability! How about you? Would you like to join too?

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

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Benji & Amy said...

*love* this! I'm in need of this challenge as well!