Monday, September 19, 2011

Family Vacation

What is that? We certainly don't take the time for those. Oh, but wait! It is time! Our FIRST family vacation! We went to the Mall of America and had a little fun!

Seriously, I highly recommend it. Libby could have ridden ALL the rides if she so chose and Grace could ride about half of them. The ones that Grace needed an adult for...that person (me) was allowed to ride for free. They had tickets, which were kind of pricey, or you could buy a wrist band for all the rides you wanted. We chose to do the wrist bands, and we chose to do them after 5:00, because they were only $20 a pop then. So, $40 equaled 4 hours of fun and almost 3 times the savings had we bought tickets.

This ride was both girls favorite. It made me chuckle a bit because when Libby was Grace's age she rode something similar and CRIED the entire time. She loved it this time around! So did Grace!

Libby had fun on the bumper cars. Being the little Chris that she is she was most amused with how they ran when she could watch from afar. She thought the sparks they created were the best.

I rode quite a few of the rides with Grace. Unfortunately, she was short enough that there were some rides she just wasn't allowed on...including the roller coaster (very tame!) that Libby dared to attempt. Poor thing! We'll wait a few years before we go back because it will be awhile before Grace reaches the "proper" height.

And poor John? He got to watch. He did an outstanding job! And...although we didn't get a picture, mommy did take him on one ride at the very end. He totally deserved it!

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