Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I learned a LONG time ago...NOT to compare Libby and Grace. God made these two beautiful girls wonderfully and fearfully and He made them VERY different!

This year Libby is frustrated with school from time to time because instead of me basically "reviewing" everything she already knows...she's learning. How frustrating to actually have to TRY to learn new things. Science is still her favorite subject, but by golly, I have to actually LEARN what binomial nomenclature means (it means "assigned two names" by the way). I might even actually learn HOW the apple tree produces apples rather than just getting to observe it. It's been fun to watch, though, because takes her two to three times and she already has the "lingo" down. She gets so frustrated, but doesn't get that other children her name would probably never get some of the things she does. Math is still her least favorite (she cries some) yet she doesn't really have to work at it at all. How interesting! Yep, it is definitely quite interesting having to teach the girl who has always "taught" herself and just taken mom along for the ride.

Then, you have laxidasical Grace who just takes life as it comes. Learn? Oh, I'm supposed to do that? I remember being SO frustrated with her when it took her EIGHTEEN MONTHS to learn her the meantime, she knew her shapes, and I hadn't even tried in that area. I learned right then and there that she would learn "it" whenever she was good and ready. In the interval, I can just work with her and have fun with whatever "it" is I would like her to know...eventually. That being said, she counted to 5 (with one-to-one correlation) for the first time today. Yea!!! She also has the letters B, C, D, F, O and P down pat. I am so excited as she is starting to put it together.

Yep, God made my girls quite different...and I am SO thankful for that!

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