Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Funny Story

Chris happened to be downstairs showing me something when we heard Libby gasp, "There's a bug on Bubby's head!" Chris and I kind of giggled and headed up to check the situation out.

We found both girls squealing as John laughed maniacally while chasing them both with the bug pinched between his finger and thumb. Yeah, he's all boy!

Assuming the bug was dead, we told John to throw it in the trash can. He obediently walked to the trash can and tried to drop the bug in, only to find that it started crawling on his hand. At this point he began to frantically shake his hand and whimper a bit. He finally brushed the bug into the trash can, looked in to the trash can and said, "Bye Gug!" and slammed the pantry door.

Thought I would share. It was kind of comical!

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