Thursday, January 17, 2013


Mommy's ego is a little sore today.  Johnny had the audacity to hurt her feelings!

I thought I would treat my family to a spectacular meal today.  I needed diced ham for a recipe I am making at freezer cooking tomorrow and I decided I would go all out and dice it myself from the leftovers of a nice ham meal.  I cooked the ham all up and drizzled it with the yummy sauce and we had it along side mashed potatoes and corn.

The girls were thrilled and John ate well for a bit and then slowed down.  Finally he stopped completely and quietly said, "I done," and pushed his plate away from himself.  I looked at him questioningly and asked, "Why?"  His answer?  "It's horrible!"

Really?  Horrible?  Thanks for the slap in the face!  Lest you worry, I took it all in stride and laughed long and loud with the rest of my family at John's sweet description of my lovely meal.

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