Thursday, January 10, 2013


There are many things missing from today's culture, but two that hit close to home for me are gratitude and hand written-letters.  You see, God blessed me with the gift of encouragement and the love language of words, so these two things are dear to my heart.  As for the hand-written letters, maybe I sound hokey in a day and age of instant e-mail, but I still get SO excited to open the mailbox and see an envelope with my name on it...NOT a bill...a letter from a friend!  It just lights my day up! 

Therefore, we took Sunday evening to make thank you cards for grandparents.  (You will get them soon...I think!)  This, of course, turned into cards for London, Aunt Judy, and Aunt Hannah.  I love it!  That being said, we are STILL working on cards (remember, Libby is my perfectionist and Grace goes to preschool in the afternoon) and not all of them are mailed out yet. 

Some day, I hope that my diligence as a parent pays off and they choose to continue handmade thank you cards on their own...not as a testament to me, but as an encouragement to others!


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