Saturday, February 09, 2013

Momma's Little Helper

I had asked Grace to put the shoes in order earlier today.  She did as she was asked and they looked great!  Then the girls decided to go outside and when I went to the back porch again...the shoes were already a wreck again!  What!? 

I debated whether I should call the girls back in or ask Johnny to help out.  I opted for asking John because I know he is capable.  This is what I got.  :) 

Crazy kid!  Daddy asked him to fix them because we obviously can't get out of the door with this creative display.  "No, I weave them like dat," was his answer.  He is still upstairs fixing them because he is devastated to have to destroy "mine circle".  I think all of my kiddos have a flair for the artistic!  :)

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