Monday, March 04, 2013

Sunday School?

What is better than doing some school on a lovely Sunday afternoon, right?  Seriously!  Libby had a friend stay over Saturday night, we took her to church and then she came back out to our place to do a craft and play in the snow for a little longer.  I found a cute little chick craft and decided to fly with it.  (No pun intended.)

I obviously did mine a little differently than the directions suggested, but that is beacause that is the beauty of art for me...creativity!!!  I also let the kids paint their plates rather than buying yellow paints.  First of all, it was cheaper for me to use things that I had on-hand (EVERYTHING USED) and secondly, kids L.O.V.E. to paint!  I might as well make it as fun as possible for them.  :)

The beauty of the activity was that while the kids labored over their baby chicks and I directed and helped them (with the help of my mommy friend) Chris got the brilliant idea to make a chicken clucker to go along with the subject.  It was great!  Once he got it made (once again, we had everything on-hand) the kids would come over as it interested them and he would let them try it while he explained to them how it worked.

I was telling my friend how you could make this into a full day of school by implementing some spelling words that go along with chick; having them write a short story, or an introduction for their very own chick; do math that relates to chicks...adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing eggs...doing time with how many eggs a chicken lays in so long of a time period, the options are endless.  Seriously!  I think the kids were a bit relieved that we didn't follow through on all that learning though.  ;)

It was a great time with cute chicks at the end of it all!


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