Monday, March 11, 2013

Too Smart!

Grace didn't have the opportunity to go to preschool today because she has a nasty little cough.  It was the PERFECT opportunity to get some more school done at home. 

This little girl is SO amazing!  We have been working with -in words.  Today was day 3 and she rocked them out!  We might do some review, but we will be moving on to -at words.  She is doing a wonderful job at writing, as well.  Mommy is completely happy with this special girl and her learning skills!

While we worked on words together, John wanted in on some of the action, too.  And, why not?  He took the half of the board Grace wasn't working on and he started to draw a family portrait.  This is the first time he has decided on his own to make his shapes and lines into an actual drawing.  He moved right up to the next level of drawing "expertise" with a smile.  :)

(In order) Mommy, Daddy, Grace, Libby and John

Oh, how bittersweet it is to watch your babies grow!  

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