Monday, September 02, 2013

Log Chute

What?!  What do you mean this isn't a picture of the log chute?  Oh, yes...funny story!

The first ride we went on as a family WAS the log chute.  We all got off and we were all a bit damp.  At that point we decided to split up.  Daddy would take the girls (because they could ride quite a few rides that John couldn't) and mommy took John.  The girls were itching to ride the "Pepsi Orange Streak" so that is where they headed.  John and I wandered around for a few minutes and then hit the end of a fairly long line.  We were standing and waiting when I suddenly noticed water trailing by my feet.  I flipped around to see what was causing it and, oh yes, that would be my son standing over a rock peeing his pants!  I was mortified...but at least it just blended in with the dampness from the log chute!

Anyway, that is how we got this picture, we had to wait for daddy and the girls to get off of the ride so we could get keys to the van and "take care" of our problems.  :)

And here is Johnny's first ride AFTER we fixed everything up.  Tee hee!

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