Monday, September 02, 2013

Thanks Aunt Judy!

What does Aunt Judy have to do with this monster?

Well, she sent the kids each $15 to spend on vacation.  Both girls wanted to go on this bad boy and mommy and daddy told them that they had Aunt Judy's money still if they wanted to spend it.  Both girls chose to do so.  Mind you, Libby was tall enough to do the course, but Grace was JUST tall enough to do it with a chaperone (a.k.a. mom).

We all got harnassed in and made our way to the first level of torture fun.

Literally, as soon as we first hit the platform, Libby grabbed on to the pole and hung on for dear life. 

The worker coaxed her.

He cajoled her.

He comforted her.

Alas, to no avail.

Grace, on the other hand, strode right across the first activity, which was a plank.  She finished out the triangle with one obstacle (think supper plates in the air placed about 1 1/2 feet apart) scaring the heebee jeebies out of her.  I learned quickly that she could scooch her snow boots to the front edge of the "plate" and I could rest one foot behind her and I would hold onto the hook on her back and she could make it.  She actually did quite a quick job of it for her fear!

Once through the first three obstacles, Grace and I headed up to the next level.  Grace didn't like the obstacles that she had to step over empty spaces so she just wasn't sure if she could even do this one.  Look at that face!  My poor baby!  I have to say that I think the fact that I poured so much of myself into encouraging her, protecting her, and pushing her on to the next limit probably made the whole experience easier for me to handle.  I am not afraid of heights, but I was definitely looking after my daughter, not looking down.  I knew I was safe, but had to convince her of the same.

With the encouragement and the fact that she knew mommy had her back (quite literally) she made it across even this obstacle.  At the end of this obstacle (although there were many more to do) was the holy grail, the exit slide.  Yes ma'am, Grace shot for that exit!

While we were up in the air playing around, Johnny and daddy rested and waited for us.  Remember that tired picture from earlier?  This is about five hours later.  He's still awake, but this is his best effort at a smile. 

And one more effort to put a smile on at the end of the night.  Nope, not happening.  Poor guy was out before we made our way out of the parking lot!

Overall, it was an outstanding vacation and we had five wiped out humans by the end of it all!  :D

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Melissa said...

Awww! I doubt you'd find me up there either! LOL! Kurt would have to take 'em up and then I'm imagining we would have had the same thing happen with the boys! What a great place to have some family fun!