Saturday, September 01, 2007


Well, here we are. Round (long) trip back to Iowa. This time with no house in Indiana to go back to (or pay for). We, officially, are not house owners for the moment. We loved our house and are going to miss it greatly. :( must go on and now we are on to the next chapter of life...building. Yikes!

In other news, I had a good visit with my family and am glad to say that although it isn't over yet, my grandma's knee surgery went well and I watched her gain more and more mobility in the short time I was there. I think that with a little hard work and a LOT of patience, she will be a-ok. I am so glad that I had the availability to go and help out. It was truly my pleasure.

I also got to visit with many friends including a girl I hadn't seen since she got married four years ago. I got to meet her beautiful two month old as well. We also got to see some friends from church that I grew up with. It was a blessing to visit with this family as I have ALWAYS had such a GREAT respect for Melissa and Harry and they have definitely been role models to me in my marriage and my life. I had the opportunity to visit with my mamaw and aunt from up in Northern Ohio as well. I visited my grandma and grandpa's gravesite, which is something I have wanted to do for quite awhile, as well. It was a great trip! I will miss my family and Christmas seems a long way off.

With all of the good news, I have to have at least one piece of bad news. I can't find our digital camera ANYWHERE! I haven't been able to find it for about a month now. :( So, no pictures of Libby until I tear this house apart and find that silly thing. Anyway, I'll try to be better with my posts again now that I'm home. I've missed you all!


B said...

Glad the visit went well - sending prayers for your grandma to heal quickly!

Hope you find the camera soon though! =)

Deanna said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! You've been missed!

So thankful to hear that ALL the details are settled with the house here; I am guessing that is a huge relief!!!

Take care!