Thursday, September 27, 2007

Two in a Row

Libby has pooped in the potty two times in a row now. Yea! Kind of. Last night she started to grunt and daddy caught hold of her and rushed her to the potty. She made it in there and he made a big deal of what a good girl she was. Then today, I caught her grunting and did the same thing. She wasn't too happy about the whole matter to be honest. She screamed the whole way back, "NO POTTY! CHANGE DIAPER!" But we both made a big deal about how proud we were of her so after the fact I think she thought it was pretty cool. We'll see if she starts to catch on. She said she wanted big girl underwear, but then threw a fit when we were getting ready to leave for the store because she DIDN'T want big girl underwear. So, I am going to hold off on buying the undies until I know that we have at least 4 days that I will be home with her all day and can do this. We shall see. It may be a go and it may be that we pretend that we NEVER did this. :D