Tuesday, September 04, 2007

School Time

I was supposed to start schooling Libby today. I really was going to, but I just don't have everything around for it. I think, since I was in Ohio for two weeks, I will give myself one more week to get everything organized and THEN I will start. I suppose late is better than never and those are the joys of homeschooling. I CAN make starting a little later an option.

Luckily, a co-op JUST started here in Dubuque that is doing the same program that I intended on using. I will go ahead and join the group and catch up with everyone who DID start today over the fall break they have planned. I am excited about the prospects of the school year ahead with Libby. I can alread see her growing leaps and bounds in the educational arena and can only imagine what will happen with a little bit of direction.


Busy1 said...

What curriculum are you planning on using for her? It's preschool material right? What does it entail? Is there a website? I dont' plan to use anything formal to teach Morgan but a little extra direction is always nice. She is trying to learn how to read and has started writing some of her letters so I was thinking of buying some books at the store that have activites to encourage that...or at least that brown lined paper to help her write the letters better. Any other ideas are always useful. and I know this seems like a silly question but are you afraid that you will teach her too much too fast?? Can you ever be too young?

mama2dibs said...

It's called Brightly Beaming Resources. The address is


and the best part is it's FREE! You can choose to take it at your own pace. I don't know if they can learn too fast, but I know that I have to be patient when she isn't learning what I want her to learn when I want her to learn it. Like, I've been trying to teach her colors for about 10 months now and she wasn't learning them AT ALL for the first 7 of those months and then all of the sudden she knows them almost fully. So, I had a lot of frustrating days for nothing. I've learned I can go over the material with her as long as I don't expect her to learn it on my time table. Hope this helps.

B said...

In 20 years, it won't matter that you didn't start today! Like you said, that's one of the options with homeschooling.
For me personally, I don't do much for preschool truthfully. So technically, I haven't really started yet with my 4 year old LOL! Oh well, I'm not sweating it =) That's also why I love homeschooling - each family can do what they need to in order to meet their needs. For you, that means a curriculum now, for me it means no curriculum. And my bet is, both of our girls will be healthy, happy, and smart women in 20+ years!

blackpurl said...

the joy of homeschooling is that you can be felxible with things like that... I used to school on weekends until my kids were old enough to figure out that their friends didn't have school then!!!