Sunday, November 25, 2007

Honest Babe

I am so proud of my Libby Lynn. Yesterday we went to our friend's house near Rockford, Illinois and a great day together. Towards the end, however, Libby found some of their Halloween candy and wanted a piece of it. I was downstairs watching a movie and told Libby NO. I told her that she was allowed to ask her daddy, but if he asked she had to tell him that I already said no. So, she slowly sauntered away, with her head down.

(Scene changes to the upstairs bathroom where daddy was working on some wiring for our friends...from daddy's perspective...)

I was inspecting some wiring that our friends were having issues with...and had the guts of a 4-gang electrical box hanging out everywhere 1/2 of it hot, 1/2 of it not...and my daughter comes moping in with a Kit Kat bar...she raised her puppy dog eyes to her father & said "Daddy, can I have this...I'm hungry!" Knowing that she never eats at meal time, and snacks like crazy otherwise...and knowing that mommy has been doing her best to get her off of that routine...I asked her "What did mommy say?" She looked back down at the floor & in the most meek & disappointed voice Libby said: "Mommy" I was so proud of my little girl...she was completely honest with me at 2.75 yrs of age!!! I am sure that will change in the near future, but I stressed to her that I was VERY PROUD OF HER for being honest with proud in fact, that if she promised not to tell mommy, she could eat the Kit Kat bar. Okay, so that didn't back up mommy's position, but in this situation, I felt it would be more beneficial to reinforce honesty rather than eating habits. She's still alive even though she ate the junk food!!! She's a good girl...I just hope we can keep her that way!!!

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