Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas 2007

We decided that this year we would have Christmas a little early with all the hubbub of the baby and all. We decided that it wouldn't be fair to Libby to have to wait for everyone to leave to do our family Christmas and we also didn't think it would be fair to either of the grandparents to do our Christmas with one or the other set.

So, we started out with cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Libby was such a big girl that she set the table all by herself...milk included. Then we read the Christmas story and opened our presents. Libby got some really cool presents from both mommy and daddy AND Aunt Judy. Libby was glad to get her baby doll from Judy so that she can be a great mommy to her own baby when her sister comes along. She's even helped mommy change her diaper already. She thought her tunnel was SO cool. She calls it her "cave" and decided that it was a good spot to take her nap this afternoon. Daddy got a new Bible with all kinds of neat features. I think that mommy will be stealing it for studying some too. :)

Then, we went to get Libby's picture taken with Santa Claus and daddy needed to buy mommy's gift still. He knew what he wanted to buy her, but he wanted her final approval before he bought it. So, we came home with an awesome new digital time for Grace's birth even! Yea!! Now I just have to figure out how to use the crazy thing. I can't believe how much better the quality is on this one than our old one, but what can you expect when the old one is almost seven years old. Sadly, seven years ago that camera was probably nicer than this one is now. How crazy technology is. It improves so fast. Anyway, enough about the camera.

After that we came home and had lunch (nothing too fancy...grilled cheese sandwiches) and then took a nice nap. Now we are cleaning up and putting out the final touches for Grace to come home to. Three more days until she is due. Wow! Who knows how long it will actually be before she's here though. I had Chris take a picture of my pregnant belly too just because you couldn't see it in any of the other pictures.



Jen's life in the busy world said...

Very neat pictures, Libby looks like she is enjoying her self. I am getting excited for you guys with the new bundle coming. That is the best Christmas present of all a new little one, I have so much to look forward too, when it happens.:)

charlotte said...

That was a good idea to celebrate early especially since this will be Libby's last Christmas by herself. Our girls were 15 months apart so our Liza only had 2 by herself and the first one she was only 8 weeks old. I can remember how I felt since Liza was just over a year and I was waiting for LaDawn but didn't know what baby was. Enjoy this time.