Friday, January 14, 2011

Better Late than Never

Here are some pictures of Grace enjoying her birthday cake. Libby made the special dunce cap, I mean birthday hat for her. Grace loved it!

As for the cake, we had a run for our money just in getting it. I asked Grace about a month before her birthday what she wanted on her cake and she said she wanted Tinkerbell...then ran to the table to wait patiently for it. :) I had her psyched up for a Tinkerbell cake for an ENTIRE MONTH! Then, when I went to order it from Dairy Queen, they said they didn't have any. I was devastated. They tried to get me to take a Dora cake, NO! I have made cakes before, but Tinkerbell? Hardly! They have a cake mold with Tinkerbell, but not in stock here in Dubuque. So, I bought some frosting dyes that were bright green and bright purple and bought a Tinkerbell decoration to put on the cake...did I mention I was REALLY dreading have to make this cake? Luckily, the day before her birthday I had a revelation! Wal-Mart makes cakes. DUH!! Shew! I was out of a cake making job and loved what Wal-Mart had. And, actually? Their cake was pretty darn yummy, too!

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