Friday, January 14, 2011

Hard at Work

Libby loves art...I mean LOVES it! So, doing her Bible Notebook is her favorite part of the curriculum this year. Her favorite mediums are "bleed" markers (named that way because they bleed through the paper) and glitter. I have absolutely adored watching her make this book as she writes a description of the story we went over for that day and then illustrates it. Some of her illustrations are...well, just...Libby. For example, for Cain and Able she drew a picture of Cain stabbing Able with a smile on his face while the sun watched with a look of horror on its face. I can't wait until 20 years from now she looks back through her first Bible Notebook. On the other hand, I can too wait. Let's not rush time...too many memories to make in the meanwhile. :)

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