Thursday, May 26, 2011

At the Zoo

We took the kids to the Columbus Zoo while we were in Ohio. I had long since forgotten how big "Jack Hanna's" zoo was. We spent probably about 6 hours there and STILL didn't get through the entire zoo. I'm pretty sure the kids still had a blast, though!

This guy got a little hungry so he picked a booger, looked at it and then ate it. The three or four families that were watching him with us all got a kick out of Libby saying (very loudly, might I add), "Look! He's doing what Grace does...eating his boogers!"

This gal's name is Colo. She is the first gorilla to be born in captivity. It makes you wonder if she still has that inate sense of freedom, since she never experienced it for herself.

Flamengo! Isn't that a dance? Oh, that's the flamenco. :)

Here's the winner of the race...Mr. Tortoise!

These two gals were generous and worked together for a few good pitures.

Mr. Tiger was resting when we first arrived...but then he put his head up and gave a really nice yawn. I didn't catch his mouth completely open, but he's still pretty impressive.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? I see lots of children looking at me!

Big ol' elephant!

What do you mean you don't see any pictures of my kids? I thought the first two pictures were of them. :) Ok, next post.

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