Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Cry Spot!

So, lately Grace has just been throwing fits at the drop of a hat. Anything can trigger that girl! To try to cut back on that and make her think bofore she falls apart, we have created a "cry spot". She can cry as long as she long as she is sitting on the couch. (Side note: Chris doesn't like this cry spot. He feels it's a bit too public. Gotta find a new one soon for his sanity.)

Anyway, after a few days of implementing this, she seems to be responding. Yesterday, I only had to send her to the cry spot once...and it was at the very end of the day. Daddy was sitting next to her and when he heard that it was the first time for the day, he asked her if she'd like to be held instead. She didn't respond...UNTIL, Libby could be heard crying out from the kitchen, "I want held!" was down to business as she JUMPED on to daddy's lap, sprawling across it, to make sure that Libby couldn't be "the one" being held. Wow!

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