Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Early Morning Play

Libby had her first art class this past Saturday. (Which, by the way, she had an ABSOLUTE blast!!) So, while she was at art class, I decided to take the younger two to the small play place at the mall...it was only a 5 minute drive and I knew thry'd have a blast.

One of the girls favorite places to be...ON TOP of the helicopter.

With not many others there (only one little girl at first) John enjoyed having free reign of the slide.

Can't you tell how well they were sharing?

Finallly mine!!!

Don't get me wrong...they did have fun! Unfortunately, John's sharing issues didn't end with his sister. He had to spend a few unbearable minutes in my arms for time outs. One little girl was so sweet! She was maybe a year older than him. He pushed her and I made him take a two minute tome out. That sweet little girl came over and took his time out with him. Overall, it was a fun trip with my younger children!

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