Monday, August 08, 2011

St. Louis Funnies

Before we leave St. Louis behind in bloggy world, I MUST post some funnies from the girls. Otherwise, I'll forget. :)

Daddy: Are you hot or cold?
Grace: Yeah, me too.

Grace: Where's Grandma?
Me: In St. Louis.
Grace: (looking around) I can't find Louis.

Me: 419-497-2105 (an old phone number that I actually remembered)
Libby: (recites our phone number) Did you forget?

On the carousel trying to hold on to Grace.
Grace: Just ride. I will hold on.

Grandma: Grace, do you have to go to the bathroom?
Grace: My pee not go out.

Mommy: Grace, where did the peanut butter go?
Grace: In my tummy.

Libby: (about a game) I'm not going to play. Well, maybe I will.

Kidding with Grace about stopping the car along the side of the road to go potty.
Grace: I don't want to go pee in the grass.

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