Sunday, March 04, 2012


A few weeks back the headphones daddy uses at work went kaput. He has been going CRAZY while waiting for his Best Buy gift cards. He finally received them yesterday, so he took the girls to the story today and got down to business. They tried out a whole bunch of headphones, and I guess the girls were the hit of the store bopping their heads to the music. ;)

Daddy finally made a decision and brought home his find so he could play for a bit. Of course, the kids wanted a chance to check them out, too. He gave each kiddo the chance to listen to one song. It was fun to see their little personalities come out. Libby was singing as loud as she could (usually the wrong words). Grace sat there like a little lady and bobbed her head up and down with the beat. Then it was John's turn. He sat there...and looked straight ahead at the computer screen...with the same look on his face the entire time.

(Pardon the messy face...I hadn't cleaned him up from lunch quite yet.)

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