Friday, April 13, 2007

Books, Books, Books

Ok, so my question for today is, what is the one item that infests itself all over YOUR house? At our's books! Because we are renting and don't REALLY have a place for them all, I just find them EVERYWHERE! I have books in the drawers on the back porch, on the card table in the kitchen, in the corner cupboards in the dining room, on the dining room table, on the floor in Libby's room, on the dresser in Libby's room, on the floor in the living room, on the computer desk in the living room, on the shelf (where they belong) in the living room, on the stairs going upstairs and last but not least in the bedroom upstairs that we don't use. Wow! I didn't realize I owned that many books...well, I did. I just didn't realize I had that many books with me in Iowa. In reality, this is only a fraction of the books I own. Just imagine four tall bookshelves and a short bookshelf all FILLED with books. Those are the books left back in Indiana! I think I like to read.

Anyway, what item is it that you see everywhere you go in your house?


Ribbon Rock Star said...

You will find a pair or maybe two in every corner (Most of them are MINE...sigh)


it's me, Val said...

I love to read but what I love even more is buying coffee table-type books and setting them around my house. I think the covers are gorgeous (most of the time) and every so often I'll open one for inspiration. Usually they are books with quotes or photo books. That's what you see all over my house. . . on top of clutter. (EEK!)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Our house is infested with books too. I have them tucked everywhere but where they seem to belong. My problem is that we have so many of them that I am running out of space for them. But better books than chocolate, right?