Thursday, April 19, 2007

Date Night!?!

What is that? Oh yeah, it's where two adults go out of their house and leave their children behind...preferably with a baby sitter when the child is only two. Wow! I almost forgot since it's been so long since Chris and I actually went on a date. BUT, that was all ended last night. We didn't do anything fancy, but hey, it was without Libby! I love my daughter, I do. It was super nice to get to talk to my husband about everything from the house in Indiana to Super Squirt growing away in my belly without having to attend to Libby. What's even better is that Libby didn't chase the babysitter away. Ha! She's always an angel for other people. Anyway, we have another date scheduled for two weeks from last night. How nice! Now we just need to start getting creative with these dates. Any suggestions on something fun and relatively cheap?

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