Tuesday, November 22, 2011

7 Hours

How long does it take to make a few new friends? How long does it take to get to know other friends a bit better? How long does it take for little girls to connect? How long does it take to make 100+ meals that are ready to pop into the freezer for a crazy day? About 7 hours.

Yes, I've been at my freezer cooking again! Seriously though, seven hours, five women, five astounding little girls, an awesome football game if you are a Hawkeye, a not so awesome football game if you are a Boilermaker (sorry Janet and Judy), and 25 meals in my freezer (ok, make that 24 now that one is sitting out to be eaten tonight)...you can't beat it!

Um...why is it that we didn't do this bit at the beginning, girls? I guess I look like I've worked hard all day. :) Also notice the two lovely ladies in their aprons...seriously, why did I not EVEN think to take mine? I worked so hard to make it, and then I forgot to wear it. I'm wearing it when I make my thanksgiving meal!!!

Five precious little girls! Seriously, I think all five of us were a bit worried how it was going to turn out bringing our munchkins...but they played SO well together!!!

Last, but certainly not least...my freezer full of good food to pull out, let thaw, and pop in the oven. No prep work necessary. Sweet manna from heaven for a momma!

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Sara said...

Love it, Liza! You give me inspiration to start blogging again more regularly... maybe I could just add a "see this blog" post to my blog! :)

mama2dibs said...

Hey! That totally works. ;)