Friday, December 09, 2011

Career Day?

Ok, it is a rite of passage...every (or at least most) little girl tries this. The difference is that Libby did this when she was almost three and and had a brand new baby sister (plus, she had hair to make look not quite right); Grace, on the other hand, is almost four, and well, a few extra snips from mom and we were fine.

Yep, Grace cut her hair. You see that one cute little flipped up lock in the top picture? That was the only one left, so I cut it off, too, after these pictures were taken. The sad part is that when we were putting the girls to bed I thought Grace's hair looks, it's probably just extra messy today. After we prayed with them I went in to our bathroom and found some straight smooth locks laying on top of my masses of icky ones. Oh, yep, Grace's hair DID look different!

We just laughed and went to bed. Seriously, she looks just as adorable as ever. It will just be another couple of years before we get it cut again. ;)

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