Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gracie Day Festivities

Here is the cake daddy bought Grace. We were going to do the actual celebrations in Ohio with my family (don't worry, we still will), but when I asked Chris to pick up a mini-cake (Cars, if possible) he heard Cars or bust. So, he went to Hy-vee and asked about a Cars cake. They told him that although there is supposed to be a 24-hour notice, they could whip one up for him in about 15 minutes...so, here is Grace's birthday cake. :)

The excitement is mounting as we sing to her.

Finally, she gets to blow those candles out...and she is officially four...no, really, we had the cake right about 9:58 when she was born. That being said, when she woke up today I told her it was her birthday and she was four. She responded with, "No I not. I three." It didn't take her long to get excited about being four though. :)

God beat us all out on birthday gifts. He gave Grace snow for her birthday. I won't even post a picture of the book we got her. It wasn't as enchanting to her as I had hoped. In fact, she liked Mater better. Such is life!

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