Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grace!!!

Is she really four already? Wasn't it just yesterday that she was sleeping in a borrowed crib in the front room with me? I remember people asking EVERY big storm...you going to go in to have the baby during this storm? Nope, she was still 8 days late. Such a precious little girl!
One year old! Finally in our new house and she is finally giving daddy a chance. She didn't like him much the first year.

Two years old! Look at her pretty little scraggles of hair. She is beautiful enough to wiggle her way into every one's heart, though!

Three years old! Momma's little princess. She loves life so much and is always up to something! ;)

Now? A big four years old! She is absolutely a darling! She loves to learn and knows all of her alphabet and how to count to ten now. She also knows how to spell her name. Our favorite new game to play together is "beginning sound match". She is still so full of life and loves to see if she can tick her sister and brother off just to get a rise out of momma. Her favorite way of annoying them? Copying every sound they make...funny, I remember doing the same thing as a kid with the same results. :)


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