Wednesday, February 23, 2011

...And some bad news!

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. That is a GOOD thing! I was cruising through and by the time afternoon came I was still ready to push on. I had cleaned up from lunch and Libby offered to sweep the floor if I'd help her pull the chairs out. We put the chairs on the rug in the living room, as we always do, and Libby got busy.

While Grace played, Libby swept, and John ate a cracker in his high chair, I slipped off to the bedroom to get a lesson plan or two completed. I knew I was only going to get a tad done, but it would put me that much further ahead. I settled down and picked up a weekly overview...and then heard Grace crying. She is our drama queen and does that frequently, but this time the cry was different. I jumped up and started out to the living room. I heard Libby say, "are you ok?" and then start crying out, "Mom, it's an emergency! Get here quick!" She about bowled me over trying to get to me as I was trying to get to Grace.

As soon as I saw Grace I saw the blood literally pouring from her head. I whisked her up and to the kitchen. I put a wet paper towel to her forehead to get the blood to stop and as soon as I got the blood to slow down I knew we were headed for the ER. What I saw was a laceration that looked like a nickle slot. The length didn't bother me so much as the width. I had Libby grab my phone so I could call Chris and let him know and then I swished her up again and got her locked down in her car seat with the paper towel to her head. I packed the other kids up and off we went. I did put a bandaid on her head and it did a very good job at keeping the blood where it belonged...inside of Grace.

Of course, once we were at the ER we had to wait an hour to be brought into the ER; total time in ER was three hours. I was seriously beginning to wonder if I had made a mistake by coming. With the bandaid on her head and her running around like a banshee (STILL!) I was ready to pick up my three children and go back home. Boy, was I glad that I didn't when the nurse pulled the bandaid off her forehead. All the ugliness of it came back in a flash! All three kids did an outstanding job with the waiting. John got a little squirly, but finally gave up the battle. Grace whimpered a few times, but ultimately...she just wanted to get up an PLAY! Chris came in towards the end of the ordeal to hold Grace's hand while they glued her head shut and help momma keep the other two occupied a bit. It was definitely a family affair that started out pretty yucky and ended a-ok. Libby was quite upset that we had to go to the ER. My response was, "Honey, when you have a family with three children, it would be a miracle if you didn't have to go the ER at least once." For some reason...I knew the first trip would be for this little darling. Here is her story in pictures.

CSI: Dubuque...Gracie version

Seriously, I've never seen blood look this gross!

The carpet area...that was a bear for my dear Chris to much as he could!

Smile for the camera! Still as sweet as can be.

Yeah! So glad we made an ER run.

Three of the most expensive stickers ever...and a bloody mess!
So proud of her crime scene.

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