Thursday, February 17, 2011


Overheard while the girls were cleaning their room, "If you want to kill yourself, than just go ahead!" Grace must have been doing something Libby didn't like.

Libby is dressed in a black shirt and black skirt..."I'm as black as a bad guy, but as pretty as a good guy!"

Daddy says, "Where's the beef?" Libby replies, "What beef?"

As she sucks in her tummy as far as she can..."Look, big boobs, little tummy."

Where does she get this stuff?

And, last but not least...a Gracie funny.

Grace: Woah! (While she is looking at the computer with daddy.)
Mom: What are you looking at?
Dad: A hot babe! Can you say hot babe, Grace?
Grace: I love hot babes!

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