Saturday, April 07, 2012

Birthday Blast!

Chris has been looking for the perfect 10-year anniversary trip for us for quite some time now. He wanted it to be cost effective, unique and fun. That is a hard combination to come up with, but he finally found it last fall.

Our neighbor had clued him in to the fact that we used to have a cool "amusement" park right here in Dubuque. It shut down in 1934, but was really something else in its heyday! After reading a book our neighbor gave us Chris decided to have some "google" fun which caused him to come across Sky Tours at the park. This is a series of zip lines that the YMCA put in to take people over the ruins of the park and give them a bit of history with a bit of zip (pun intended). He knew he had found the perfect date..and best of both worlds, it would take care of my birthday this year too!

So, last night our dear friends, Katie and Braden, came over to watch our darlings and we took off for supper, a moonlight walk and a hotel with no kids. Yikes! What is that? This morning we went to a movie together and then out to lunch with a bit of Beecher's ice cream for dessert. After that, the excitement began! We headed over to the YMCA Union Camp and walked around the ruins of the park for about an hour before the tour started. Another couple joined us and we were off to zip through the friendly skies of Dubuque. It. was. AWESOME!!! After that was over we joined another set of friends for supper. In all, an AMAZING weekend!

If you live in Dubuque...CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!!! It is a treasure just waiting to be explored!!!

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