Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tests make me a little nervous...

Evidently not Libby though! Yesterday she had her testing for end of the school year so the Iowa school system knows she really is learning something. I was SOOOO nervous and I was trying to help her NOT be nervous, yet know that she needed to do her best. Mind you, I had to leave her for FOUR hours!

When I came back to pick her up she hid from me because she wanted to go home with a friend (she forgot she was leaving with a girl friend, not mom). When she was reminded of her birthday party she came flying out of the corner all giggles. The test administrator said that she was "a riot". That made me a little nervous about the actual testing side of things.

As we were leaving the building I asked Libby how the test was and she shouts, "It was F-U-N! I got to do art! I didn't have to read!" Huh? I figured out that she meant that BETWEEN sections of the test she got to do art versus reading the book that she took with her. She overheard me talking to her friend's mom later about the fact that I was nervous that she might have rushed through the test to do art and she quickly corrected me. She told me she tried very hard on the test and that she thought she probably got "an 80 or a 90 or a 70 or a 100" on the test. I didn't tell her that was quite a wide range.

By the time we were going to bed she said that the day had been one of the best days of her life (she did have the birthday party afterward) and asked if we could take the test at least once a week, or maybe two times a week. Odd child!

That being said, we go back on Friday for two more hours and then wait the excruciating hours to know how she did.

Glad she had a blast with the could have been a different story.

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