Monday, April 30, 2012

Take the Last Train to Clarksville

Ok...we were heading the opposite direction of Clarksville, but we were on a train!  :)

We all thought John might REALLY enjoy a train ride because that is his favorite word right now.  Turns out...well, he did enjoy his ride on the choo choo train.  Every time he heard the whistle blow for a railroad crossing he would get super excited and call out, "Choo choo train!"  To be honest, at first we weren't sure if he even realized he was on a train, but when we went back through the pictures he got just as excited, so he knew!  The girls enjoyed the ride, too.  They went upstairs to enjoy their ride.  By the time all was said and done, the most prominent thing said was, "Too short!  Can we go again?"  Maybe next time we will go all the way to Clarksville...


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