Friday, April 27, 2012

Ride 'Em Cowboy (or Girl)!

While we were in Tennessee the girls were blessed to have the chance to check out the neighbor's horses. 

Warming up to the horses.

One happy princess on her pony!

One nervous Nellie on a horse...more on that later.

One not-so-sure little boy on a horse.

As for Nervous Nellie...we had told her multiple (I do mean MULTIPLE) times to not stand behind the horses.  After I had taken some pictures, where do you think she wandered?  Behind this very pony.  Tom and I watched helplessly as the horse decided to something about this little thing BEHIND him.  My heart was in my throat as the horse started kicking.  Thankfully, God was watching out for this little sweetheart and the horse only caught her front leg.  There were some tears, some daddy lovings, and a small bruise in the shape of a C and that was all.  By the next hour she was ready to go back and see the horsies again.  THANK YOU, LORD!!!

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Yee haw, cowgirl!