Friday, August 09, 2013

1 Week Down, 33 To Go

We have officially finished week #1 of school!  I have to start by telling you that I was soooo nervous about teaching this year.  Seriously, the only thing keeping me from putting Libby in school was the fact that Chris works second shift.  Alas, all that worrying was for...NOTHING!!!  For me, it is actually EASIER to teach two little girls.  I think partially because I have one less child flailing for attention.

I have been SO pleased with the girls progress in just one week.  I can tell that both of them have already learned and I am expecting great things from this school year.  I have also enjoyed observing their personality differences.  Mind you, I have ALWAYS known that they were as different as night and day, but for the better part of the past year I have regrouped them as "boy vs. girls".  It has been so refreshing to see these precious girls and their differences.

Libby has always loved to sit and listen to me read while doing art.  She would do that all day if I would let her.  It got to the point last year where I was simply frustrated teaching her because my lips were numb from reading.  As for math though?  Although she is good at math, she HATES it with an ever living passion!!!  It is like pulling teeth to get her math done.  Always has been!

Then, there is Grace.  As soon as I pull out a book for either Bible or Geography she starts screaming, "I want math!  More math!  PLEASE MORE MATH!!!"  The first day of school she just walked off as I started to read.  I asked where she was going and she informed me that she didn't want to hang around for this part so she was going to play.!

I am really looking forward to seeing how the year progresses and am thankful that all of the nightmares in my head were exactly my head.  :)

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