Friday, August 30, 2013

Family Reunion

Ha ha ha!  I am such a dork!  But ya know!

The kids are trying to imitate their cousin.  ;)

I love how tall these guys are. 

Almost there...I just can't quite reach...

Grace and Libby were our guides for the day, so when Grace said, "Let's go see the sheep."  I corrected her with, "No, that is a ram."  We got over to the sign which read, "Dall Sheep."  Mommy was busted!

This is John's hand compared to a polar bear paw.  :)

The polar bear was by far everyone's favorite attraction of the day!

It was stinkin' HOT!!!

This was the educational leg of our vacation.  We are studying World Geography this year.  As maps are part of World Geography, they were handed a map of the zoo and they took the reins.  I was very impressed with both of their skills, but Grace just amazed me!  She really took charge and really guided this whole experience.  She did a great job and followed the pictures on the map to guide us to where we needed to be.  I am quite proud of my girlies!!!

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