Friday, August 16, 2013

I Turned My Back for ONE Minute...

When I turned back around...this is what I found.  Oh my!

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Melissa said...

Hi, Liza! :)

Found your fun blog and thought I'd leave you some blog love!!!

This post makes me laugh! Why? Because I've been there & done that! I have photos of a little baby all "decorated" by his older brother...even the insides of his ears were included in the masterpiece! Gotta love 'em! :)

mama2dibs said...

The first thought that crossed my mind was similar to our conversations at swim lessons. ;)

I can only imagine trying to clean marker out of a baby's ear. Love my babies...and their creativity!

Thanks for the blog love...I crave comments, but as mostly family watches the blog I have to remember that most of my blog love comes verbally. I'm such a words girl!!