Thursday, August 01, 2013

We Have Swimmers!

Hi, my name is Liza...oh, wait, do you remember who I am?  That is amazing!  I took the summer off, didn't I?  Anyway...

Today was the last day of swim lessons and, for the first time (ok...this was John's first time even taking swim lessons), ALL THREE KIDS PASSED!!!  What?!  Yep, totally cool!

Today is the kids favorite day because they get to play on the water slides and in the fun little kiddie pool, but yesterday is always my favorite.  The littles get to go off the dive.  They are always SO cute!  Here are pictures of John and Grace (who won't be considered a little next sad!).

Waiting in line...toward the back.  A bit nervous.

Walking toward the front of the board...I think I can do this.

At the edge...this is kind of scary.  I don't know if I am ready for this.

A helpful little nudge into the water!  Ker-splash!

Grace's turn...see the fingernail biting going on? least I don't have to go off THAT one.

Here I am.  I think I might just stand here and look cute though. are going to toss me in?  Ker-splash!

And one picture of my wet little girl...who kept trying to avoid the camera!

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