Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Iowa Moms

Ok, so I know that most of the people who read my blog don't live in Iowa, but for the miniscule chance that someone happens by my site today from Iowa, I'm gonna post about this cool new website. An Iowa Mom has been a very busy woman (I don't know how she gets it all done with FOUR kids under age eight at home), but she has started a new website just for Iowa moms to be able to connect and know they aren't alone in this great state. The address is Go check it out, make your free profile and get connected. The more the merrier!


it's me, Val said...

One of my very dearest friends lives in Iowa, out in the western part. She is pg with her 4th! I should tell her about this group - she'd probably be interested!

Mike said...

Not from Iowa, but that's a great web idea.


it's me, Val said...

Hey, Liza, *tag!