Monday, May 14, 2007

Mommy, Daddy

We decided to watch "Shrek" last night for lack of anything better to do. Libby was enthralled by it. I think it was the cartoon quality that amused her. At one point when Shrek and the princess are coming back to Duloc Libby walked up to the screen and pointed to the princess and said, "Mommy," and then pointed to Shrek and said, "Daddy." Daddy wasn't too impressed, but I thought it was funny.

Oh, and this morning when we getting ready for church Libby told daddy she was going to bring daddy his shoes. We were waiting with rapt attention for her to come back because we wanted to see which shoes she brought back. That little smarty pants brought the right shoes back and shot us a look like, "You expected anything less?" Such a smart little girl.

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