Friday, May 25, 2007

Please Pray

Well, as I said, I knew there was a reason that God wanted me to commit Psalm 50:15 to my memory. Nothing has hit home within my family, but it has definitely hit within our neighborhood of dear friends. If you could please pray for both families I would appreciate it.

First, one of Chris's dear friends from childhood (the mom had them married in her mind) was shot to death by her husband. I don't know the full details. I have heard what the newspapers have said and I have heard what her mother (who was in the room along with her two boys-8&2) has said. Anyway, the point is that she and another man (supposedly her lover, but NOT confirmed) were both shot and killed on Wednesday. As I said, her eight year old and two year old (thereabouts) and mother were there when it happened. I am most worried about the eight year old as he can fully comprehend, but probably hasn't quite developped that type of coping skills. The father is still on the loose and no one knows where he is headed.

Secondly, a family from our church in Indiana has been wanting for children for a LONG time. They tried every method they could think of and finally settled on adoption. They have been waiting for the phone call for probably a year now that there was a child for them. They recieved the call 2 weeks ago and were elated. Some issues arose and it was drawn out longer than orignally expected, but they were still going to be parents. They drove all the way to the east coast and the mother never showed with the baby. She said she just couldn't do it...which I completely understand as a mother, but to drag them this couple through two weeks and over a thousand miles of hope like that. So, they are obviously reeling from having their heads above the clouds with hope and joy and then being crushed to the depths of the ocean as they were denied the hope they held in their hands.

I have cried for both families and know that they are both leaning on the Lord very heavily in this, their times of trouble. I thank God that I have this verse fresh in my mind to apply to this crazy, uncertain world.


Alexis Jacobs said...

How tragic for both situations. :(

it's me, Val said...

Omg, I cannot believe this, but then I can. We live in such a scary world. I wish we had answers to all of this. So sad :( You are a good friend to these people. Don't give up on prayer. xo

Charlotte said...

See how many have been praying for our friends? God will give both situations His attention and the best. Our hearts are aching for these dear friends.