Saturday, May 22, 2010

What Bliss!

We have had all of these pieces laying in our basement for some time, patiently waiting for grass to grow and the ground to become solid enough to put together.
After a little elbow grease and a game of memory (it's been about 3 years since Chris pulled this thing apart) Chris had the main part put mostly together.
Here he is adding the roof.
And here is the play set part...all put together...taking a slow ride down to its permanent home. This trip was kind of exciting for Chris. :)
Now, we have a play set, but what's a play set without a swing set? So, off to the store Chris went to buy all the necessary parts. And now we have legs.
Here is the swing set part on its side awaiting transportation to the bottom of the hill...this part was even more difficult than the play set part.
Here we are...but we aren't finished just yet.
We HAVE to add the monkey bars. Ta da! Let the fun begin!!!

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Busy1 said...

Oh goodness. What fun!! I can only imagine how much easier this may make some of your days while the girls are playing. Oh wait, not if they need help on the monkey bars like my little girls do. Then they just keep me running....and lifting....and running some more!!